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The Train

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As the bowl you’ve stoked so tightly passes among the 8 of us, you see the devilish look in my eyes and I know you’re already dripping wet.We’re in your living room. Candles burn. I’ve uploaded your grind list on your laptop. I pour wine and margaritas all around. You watch my every move, drinking me in, wanting me.But you know I have other plans.As the last of the bowl dies, I slide in next to you on the couch and unbutton your pants and slide them down to your thighs, your panties coming with them.  You raise your feet in the air, willingly, oblivious to the crowd around us, so that your heels remain as I slip your pants off in one smooth motion.

Without any cue from me, the other 6 men descend on you like you are prey. Instantly, they stand around you naked, as I lift your shirt and undo your bra, leaving you vulnerable to their desires. Only I remain clothed.

Each of the 6 men have names, but only I know them. It’s inconsequential that you know. They’re here for your pleasure. That’s all you need to know.

Cock #1 climbs onto the couch and stands and offers himself to your mouth, and you take him, your lips slipping over the head, his cock sliding in all the way to the hilt. You moan as if you’d not sucked cock in years.

Cock #2 settles in beside you on the left and you reach out and grab him and begin to stroke the shaft, just as Cock #3 takes your right hand and guides it to his cock.

You now possess three cocks, and you work them expertly, your hands moving in time on two cocks, your mouth sucking Cock #1 deep into your mouth.

All the while your eyes stay open, focusing only on me.

As you moan with delight to the pleasure of three cocks at your disposal, Cock #4 sits on the couch beside you and maneuvers himself amongst all the chaos and pulls your body on top of his. I hand him a jar of cocoa butter. You never let go of the three cocks you work on.

Cock #4 dips his fingers into the cocoa butter and smears it on your ass, finding the darkest of holes that only I have opened in your recent memory, greasing you up for his glorious cock.

As Cock #4 readies your ass for fucking, Cock #5 stands in front of you.

In all your ecstasy over playing with three cocks, you’re body shivers from the sensation of Cock #4 readying you for sodomy, and you have no idea that Cock #5 is about to slip inside your cunt.

Your are still focusing only on me.

As Cock#5 rubs the head of his penis on your clit, you feel the sharp jab of Cock#4 beneath you, spreading your ass, pushing inside.

You shudder and grit your teeth on Cock #1 and bite down hard. You moan and through the cock filling your mouth I hear you let out a garbled, “Fuck me!”

Cocks #4 and #5 slip into your ass and cunt at the same time, instantly bringing you to orgasm. You buck so hard against Cock #5 he almost slips out of you, not expecting your powerful upward thrust. But Cock #4 is ready for it, and he pushes himself all the way into your ass, bringing you to a second orgasm, bigger than the first.

You scream now, a guttural scream, because Cock #1 has begun fucking your mouth, ramming his cock deep into your throat.

And all the while, you keep your eyes open, focusing only on me.

As you work two cocks in your hands, and three cocks with your orifices, Cock #6 slides in among the bodies and starts to suck on your left nipple.

I, Cock#7, finally have my clothes off, and I slip in beside you as best I can and glance at Cock #6 as his mouth playfully gives your left nipple attention.

I know what you want. And you watch me, just as  you have during this whole cock exchange.
Leaning down, I grab your right nipple with my teeth … and tug. Hard. You writhe in enjoyment. You have three cocks in you, two in your hands, and two other men with cocks giving your nipples attention. But only my touch sends you overboard.

As I tug on your nipple with my teeth, you buck back and forth more feverishly, Cock #4 pounding your ass and Cock #5 pumping your cunt.

Cock#1 reaches climax and begins to fill your mouth with come. You take it all in, licking the remains off the head of his cock and swallowing.

At the same time, Cock #6, who’s left your breast and has been jerking himself off, begins to shoot ribbons of come onto your chest. The sensation makes you buck harder against Cocks #4 and #5, and they in turn come, filling your cunt and ass with their creamy jism.

As the satisfied cocks move away from you, Cock#3 gets off the couch where he’s been sitting while you stroke him and moves between your legs.

I pull your body on top of me so you can face Cock#3 and stroke your sensitive back with my finger nails, sending shivers down your spine.

Taking my right hand, I guide my cock into your sopping wet cunt, slipping inside past Cock#4’s still hot come. Cock#3 steps up to your cunt and pushes himself inside you, his cock using my cock to guide himself inside your cunt.

I pull your legs open wider, so they  dangle in the air, your five-inch heels kicking at nothing in time with our thrusts. Moving my hips, I fuck you slowly at first, trying to find the motion that Cock#3 and I can maintain together inside your cunt. Finally our rhythm becomes one, my cock sliding almost out then ramming back in as Cock#3 slides out almost to the tip then slams back into you.

You are screaming now through ragged breaths. “Yes! There. Right there! Fuck me, baby. Fuck me, baby!”

We comply, fucking you harder, your ass slapping against my stomach, Cock#3’s pubic bone slamming against your clit. When you come again, I have to wrap my arms around you to keep you from throwing Cock#3 off you. I hold you close to me tightly, and you turn your head and find my lips and my tongue pushes deep inside. I can taste the remains of Cock#1’s come in your mouth.

Cock#3 is the first to come and I can feel his cock shudder against mine as he shoots deep inside your pussy. The sensation is so overwhelming I follow just as he finishes, filling your cunt with even more come.

For the next hour, the seven of us fuck you senseless, taking turns stuffing our cocks inside your mouth, your cunt, your ass. Everyone has fucked you somewhere at least three times. You’ve sucked two cocks at once while Cock#1 and I fucked your cunt again, our four cocks filling you with so much come at once, you couldn’t keep it all inside. It dribbled down your chin and neck, pooled and jelled on your chest, dried all over your thighs and stomach and cunt lips.

You are one hot sticky mess by the time we finish, the six other cocks dressing in exhaustion and leaving as you and I lay together on the couch, our bodies intertwined after our last coupling, just the two of us having fucked slowly, sensuously, lovingly for your night’s final moment of enjoyment.

As the lights go out and the front door closes, you lean into me and whisper, your voice so sated I don’t have to see to know you have a look of satisfaction enveloping your face: “You’re so good to me, darling. I love you. I need only you … but I can make use of seven cocks once in a while.”


South Beach Sandwich

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I’m standing outside Nikki Beach Bar in South Beach. Inside the beat of the music pounds so sensuously I can feel the sidewalk throb beneath my feet. You left me at this very spot a half hour ago … when you shoved your panties into my hand and turned and walked away on your 5-inch heels, swallowed by the entrance to this notorious meat market. 

I’m supposed to go inside now and act like I don’t know you and “pick you up,” fulfilling one of our many fantasies. Until now, I’ve been waiting at a bar down the street, knocking back shots of Patron with my right hand, kneading your panties inside my jacket pocket with my left, the excitement building inside me so much I can think only of taking you back to our hotel room and fucking you like an animal.

Anxiously, anticipating finding you, I push through the doorway into the club and run into a wall of music blaring from the sound system and nearly fall over backwards. My eyes need a minute to adjust to the low light, the sight of men and women grinding their bodies against each other on the dance floor, the haze of smoke mixed with the scent of sex hovering in the thick air.

I make for the bar, catching the eye of a pretty young thing on duty, and flash her a wink and my crooked smile, a come hither call so she’ll take my drink order. It works every time, and soon I’m holding a Mojito in my hand.

Sipping my drink, I turn around slowly, scanning the room, searching for you among the couples gathered at the tables in anticipation of countless acts of fucking that will ensue sometime during this night. Leaning back against the bar, I spot you at a table not 10 feet away, beautifully decorated for our liaison, your hair curly from the South Florida humidity, your cheeks flushed, your lips plump and moist, your cleavage barley contained by your lowcut dress, the demon heels I selected for you balancing beneath the table.

You toss your head back, uttering that hearty laugh I know and love so well.

Because you are not alone.

Sitting next to you is what I can only describe as a gorgeous man, in his 30s, his brown hair clipped close, his blue eyes drinking you in, his chiseled face wearing a huge smile, every tooth perfect and gleaming, his shirt unbuttoned to his chest, revealing what appears to be the dark stain of ink that can only be the beginnings of a much larger tattoo hidden beneath.

I breathe in sharply, unable to exhale for a moment. Stunned. And yet, at the same time aroused, my cock already beginning to stir within my slacks.

You’re holding a martini glass in your right hand, your left hand poised ever so near his on the top of the table.

I feel a sudden sharp, burning jab of jealously deep within my chest, as if I’m being stabbed with a hot poker… and at the same time my cock still swells. I can’t move, paralyzed by the duality of what I’m feeling. By what I’m seeing. By what you’re doing. By how I’m taking it.

You move your head in closer to his, huddling your body nearer, the fingers of your left hand now barely touching his. I see you smile … and look at him … longingly, as he returns your gaze, as captured by you as I was the first time I looked into your fiery eyes.

I stare, unblinking for what seems like hours but I know can only be seconds, my stare finally broken when you look up and find me. You smile, sarcastically, and quickly flick your tongue at the corner of your mouth and turn your eyes away from me … back towards this man … and move in closer to him.

I know the moment you’ve left my gaze that our fantasy has taken a turn … into the one we’ve talked about doing but aren’t sure we can go through with … the one where WE pick someone up.

I smile. He has no idea what’s coming.

I leave the bar and walk over to your table and pull out the chair next to you. “I see this seat’s available,” I say, smugly.

The guy sitting next to you leans back, an incredulous look coming over his face, his upper lip beginning to curl with anger.

“WhatEVER,” you say, looking up at me with what I know to be mock irritation, and then look back at him. “It’s okay, baby,” you tell him, your voice silky.

I falter for a second as I start lowering myself to the chair … because that’s what you call me, and ONLY me … baby. But I know you just said it to him to get to me, so I catch myself and continue on with my bravado, sitting down like I own you, pulling my chair in close to you, deftly sliding my right hand onto your leg and up your thigh and under your dress, feeling the growing heat as I aim for the center of your legs.

Your boyfriend looks on in utter shock. His eyes are now so huge they look like golf balls.

You don’t take your eyes off him, as if daring him to react, until I find your naked cunt, and then you shut them and suck in a sharp breath when I slip two fingers inside your incredible wetness then retract them and bring them up … to your mouth … your lips parting, accepting, closing down around my fingers to taste yourself … while I stare your boyfriend down.

“I believe she’s ready for us, Champ,” I say, grinning.


After we explain ourselves to your boyfriend, Sam, there isn’t much reason to stick around the bar. He’s more than game, especially when I reach inside my jacket pocket and pull out your panties and thrust them into his hand.

“Imagine,” I say, leaning in close so only he can hear me. “She was wearing these about an hour ago.” And I turn and grab your hand and walk towards the exit, your new little doggy following behind us, clearly tracking the scent of your heat.

We catch a cab outside the club and in the five-minute ride to our hotel, as you sit between us, Sam finds your left hand sliding up the leg of his slacks to his crotch,  while I find your right hand moving up my leg toward mine, and Sam and I reach with our closest hands for your wetness.

“Oh, baby,” you say, turning to me, astonished. “He’s HUGE!”

I smile and lean over and kiss you deeply and say: “Then I do believe you’re going to experience some pain, darling.”


At the hotel, upstairs on the 8th floor, in our suite, the three of us move quickly to the couch. We’ve just come from the elevator, where you hit the stop button, knelt down before both of us, unzipped our flys, and took out our swollen cocks.

You had been so anxious to see what turned out to be his 10-inch member, but you were ever so careful to make sure you kept me with you every step of the way as you explored him, like we’d talked about doing before, if ever we found ourselves in this situation.

“As long as you participate,” you had said.

You couldn’t have paid me NOT to participate as I stood there, watching you take his cock into your mouth, then pop it back out only to lean over and suck mine into your mouth. Back and forth you treated us to this sharing. His cock in your mouth. My cock in your mouth. It lasted only a minute or so, but I knew as it happened that I’d never forget the sight.

Now, inside our room, we quickly undress and sit down on the couch, Sam to your right, me to your left. You lean over to Sam, put your lips on his, open them and slip your tongue into his mouth. I can see he’s an expert kisser and you begin to squirm, angling your ass against my thigh. He reaches for your breast and starts squeezing a nipple.

You pull your lips away from his and part them and moan, only to dart your head down to his crotch to take his cock into your mouth again … because you just have to have more. Though it’s 10 inches long it’s very thin and you do a wonderful job of taking as much of him in as you can, bobbing up and down, giving what I already know to be an expert blowjob.

As you suck Sam’s cock you’re very aware of me, your left hand gripping the hair on my chest, then tracing its way down to my cock, and you begin to stroke me, the thrill of two magnificent cocks at your disposal already sending you barrelling toward your first orgasm, I can tell, even though neither Sam nor I have touched your cunt since the cab ride.

But I change all that, leaning over with my left hand to plant my thumb on your swollen clit as I slip two fingers inside you, just the way you like it, pressing down on your clit with just the right amount of pressure and rotating my thumb as you rock your hips to the same motion you’re giving Sam’s cock, humping my hand.

Before long you are writhing, arching your back against the couch, in full orgasm, Sam’s cock still in your mouth, my cock still in your hand, my fingers still buried in your cunt.

Slowly you come down from your excitement and I leave your cunt and stand up and turn you around on the couch, pointing your ass toward me, as you quicken the rhythm of your mouth on Sam’s cock and push your ass back towards me, hungry to have me inside you.

I don’t delay. I slip inside you and run my cock to the hilt and pull back and slam into you, pull back and slam into you, as I reach around from behind you to massage your clit, your rhythm on Sam’s cock adapting to the pace of our fucking, your hips bucking back against me in time to all three of us.

We all moan together.

I know you’re ready to come again, so I slow down just long enough for you to feel my thrusts going deep within you but also so that I don’t come just yet, and you explode, a shudder rippling through you, as you pull your mouth away from Sam’s cock and scream, knowing if he were still in your mouth you’d be giving him some serious teeth-mark scars.

Quickly I tell Sam to stand, and I push you up to a standing position too, and then I sit down on the couch, spinning your body around so your back is to me. I reach up with two fingers and slip inside your wetness, which is now beginning to run down your legs … and I pull my fingers from your cunt … and then … in a shock to you … I slide them into your ass, for lubrication.

You look around at me, stunned for a second, but then grin knowingly, completely accepting what I’m about to do.

“Sit on my cock, baby, but not with your cunt,” I order. And you back yourself up to me, stand up on the couch, and then lower your ass onto my cock, your body so limber your knees are angled up into the air as your feet straddle either side of me.

And slowly you slide your ass down on my cock … letting me violate the last place I haven’t been inside you, slowly accepting my thickness, centimeter by centimeter, until your ass muscles relax, and you settle down gently, taking me all in.

“And now you get to have your present, baby, Sam’s glorious cock in your cunt,” I say, my voice husky, the feeling of the tightness of your ass around my cock so intense I could come right now … but I make myself wait.

Sam, smiling, walks forward, his cock in his hand, and says: “this might hurt a little.”

“It better,” you say, looking up at him with your FUCK ME NOW eyes, then order: “Fuck me, damnit!”

And he complies, pushing into you as I begin to rock you from behind, my cock feeling through your perineum his cock sliding into you, in and out, in and out, the pressure building inside your cunt also building inside your ass and against my cock, as you lean forward to trace the tattoo of a dragon on his shaved chest with your tongue and circle one of his nipples.

We rock back and forth like this for longer than I would have imagined we could, the three of us so goddamned ready to explode by now I get the feeling we might damage the furniture when we do.

Sam pumps his big cock inside your cunt and I ram my thick cock inside your ass and you lean back against my body, the weight of you and Sam pressing in on me. Every time you clench your cunt muscles around Sam’s cock the muscles in your ass also clench around mine. It is the most intense sensation I have ever experienced.

I know you’re ready because I can feel you quicken your pace as you slam down against my cock every time Sam slides his cock back to begin his next thrust into you. You arch forward and I reach up with both hands and lightly trail my fingers down your back, knowing this is your most sensitive region, and you begin to quiver around both of our cocks and neither Sam nor I can hold back any longer.

Sam starts to pull back from you, as if to pull out and come on your breasts, but you reach up and wrap both arms around him.

“No,” you order in your deepest, sexist, I’m getting so fucked right now, voice. “I want to feel you both come inside me. Now!”

And we do, exploding, shooting deep ribbons of come inside both of your holes, the three of our juices leaking out and around you and onto me and the couch, in one sticky and hot and fantastic mess.

And with Sam still inside you, now collapsed against you in exhaustion, you lean back and turn your head to find my lips … and you stop and lock your eyes on mine and say, in our private little joke:

“I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school.”


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